Pumpkin People Facts

Pumpkin People are life-size poseable cloth dummies for indoor or outdoor display. The dummy is made from water-resistant canvas, double stitched and filled with polyester fiber. They will sit without support but standing requires staking. Outside we use fence post pounded into the ground. Inside, galvanized pipe with pipe flange attached to the floor. Dummies are then zipped tied to the post.
Heads are made from rigid polyurethane foam. These are light weight and molded from real pumpkins. Each face is hand painted, so no two are exactly the same. Pumpkins are then sealed with polyurethane for durability, but chipping may occur if not handled with reasonable care. At this time, poly foam hands and feet are not available but canvas hands can be gloved and medium size shoes will fit onto the sewn feet.
Pumpkin People are sold without outfits. We have found our own old clothes, shoes and boots work well. We have also shopped at thrift stores, garage sales and Halloween costume stores ~ the possibilities are endless! If you are looking for something specific, email us; we may have something in our used costume inventory.

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